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Basement Bars Ideas


Old buildings were created mainly of bricks. Just paint it or leave it natural and complement the whole with a wooden bar, if that's the case for your basement, the brick and timber combination is likely to produce the area charming.


And, in addition to this, just look at it! It is so simple and fits so well in the room, making it so much more interesting. Every guest is going to be curious and intrigued by it. What makes this object look this good is the way in which the wood textures blend together, maintaining the design look unitary. The colors are different but don't vary much in saturation and tone. Too much contrast and you will loose the discreet effect.


This design is in a league of it's own. Could it get better than this? Yours will. By selecting the most appropriate materials and proportions the designer has put a whole lot of thought into it. Examine it and be motivated.


In case the bar itself is not special enough, then it's possible to make it even more alluring by opting for a black design. It's still uncommon because it is a thing to get and people generally don't opt for it. It's very subjective though, as an example, black designs which look great nestle. If you're gonna do it, do it choose something special.


The upper cabinet was fitted with little lights that light the counter top, it's where the the magic happens and the bar comes to life. It does look good but it's also quite practical, helping you prepare.


There are several aspects that make this instance brilliant. First of all, there's the mixture of substances. Not the right types but the right kind. Perhaps using the exact same wood to get the flat glass supports would have looked good as well but by including a texture, material. There's how the bar has been built, not in the center of the wall but in a distinctive region that makes it more evident and marks the position of it, important, special. There's the lighting that makes the whole feel welcoming and inviting.

Basement Suite Renovation Ideas

Creative Kid-Friendly Space

Worried about your kids drawing on your own living room walls? Turn your basement into a chalkboard for anxiety-free fun, like Heather of The Heathered Nest did.

After: Functional Family Room

Installing bright-white Ikea built-ins took this cellar from stark to slick, adding even more living room to the home of the blogger behind No. 29 Design.

After: Bright and Airy Laundry Room

With a few coats of paint and a glowing rug for color, the cellar, showcased on Maggie May's Presents, becomes a much more welcoming place to do laundry.

Organize With Colorful Lockers

Blogger Karen of Dogs Do not Eat Pizza transformed drab old lockers into a bright and enjoyable storage unit with just paint.

Closet Door Turned Bookshelf

Want some additional storage but do not need to fuss with built-ins? The author supporting The & Ginger HUTH turned out an old closet.

Ahead: Semi-Finished

This empty basement was spacious, but since it was only semi-finished, it wasn't getting used.

Decorating A Basement On A Budget

Dark TV Area-Accessorize with affordable vintage finds.

It seems counter-intuitive to paint your basement walls and ceiling in such a darkened color, however, stylist Arren Williams maintained the space bright with mood light. The undermount lighting at the high-gloss storage units highlights our collections, says Williams. This contemporary design has a masculine sense without yelling out bachelor pad, finishing basements.

Existing Storage-Use storage area beneath the stairs rather than building new closets.

In Tanya Linton's house, every spare nook is used for additional storage. With two little boys running round, baskets are ideal for concealing toys and knickknacks. In a little corner, a stack of books and magazines doubles as a side table to a painted chair.

Vibrant Laundry Room-Pinch pennies with MDF cupboards and add your trim.

H&H senior editor Meg Crossley turned into this unfinished basement laundry room into a laundry oasis. Improper venting meant the washer and dryer had to be moved to the opposite wall, in which they're now hidden by bi-fold doors. Meg also included a convenient sink with a kitchen-worthy faucet, an upper shelf and lower closets for extra storage. A contractor cut door fronts out of MDF, and then Meg added Shaker trim for a custom look. To provide the cellar an airy atmosphere, the space had been painted white. Sico's Light Sugar (4150-11), an obsolete white, makes the ceilings seem higher without feeling cold or sterile. The cupboards were painted robin's egg blue for a country-inspired appearance.

High-Low Laundry Room-Dress up basic basement closets with vintage drawer pulls.

Designer Theresa Casey renovated her 600-square-foot basement to add an office, guest bedroom plus luxe laundry space. She stored on affordable white cabinetry but additional classic grips, a marble countertop, a pub wall along with a vintage ladder to make the functional space seem unique.

Top Basement Layout Design Ideas In 2018

Obtaining Your Basement Project Underway So you have decided to turn your musty junk-filled basement into a hot liveable space. Or you may be already using the cellar but wish to design it up a notch. Basement design ideas are limitless. Whether you would like a trendy chic look or a dramatic themed basement, the choices are endless. But before you decide on the style you would like for your basement, here are a few facts to take into account.
To begin with, what exactly are you using your cellar for? This will greatly determine what finish you provide the basement. A living room needs to feel comfortable and comfy, a bedroom needs to have a quiet and relaxing end along with a game room requires some exciting colors. There are loads of sites offering basement finishing ideas you can borrow. We have our very own list below that you can use as a starting point. Find a design that suits you and adapt it to fit your cellar.
On to this preparation phase. Planning is necessary to attaining the ideal end to your basement. A good idea is to utilize one of the many online tools to create a cad drawing of the room. Put in the wall colour, seat arrangements, and anything else you wish an notion of how the basement will appear.
Even if you do not use an online tool, plan extensively beforehand as to exactly what you intend to do. What color will the wall be? Are you going to place in any artwork? What flooring design are you going to go for? If your budget permits, you can consult with an interior designer for recommendations. 1 advantage of these preparation is that it allows you to set a budget that you can work inside, ensuring that you aren't caught short of cash in the center of your project.
Let Your Creativity Fly Don't be jumped so much by performance and practicality that you forget about creating the cellar a fun place to be in. While playing it safe with all the rooms over is clear, allow the space below be your own personal canvas. Try out a crazy theme, a cool wall art, a unique color pattern, or whatever else which comes to mind.
Have a look at some cool basement ideas we've compiled below, in additionyou can take a look at our own basement remodeling ideas portfolio. Contained below is all from themed basements to small basement thoughts.


Leslie Goodwin Photography-This basement space is cozy & inviting without being overly dark. Really like the colour choices.


Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.-Pretty, bright & fresh --doesn't feel as a "average " cellar.


Sebring Services-A stage area is a fantastic idea in a basement. Love the lighting.


Melyssa Robert Designer A bright & feminine twist on a basement remodel.


Whonsetler Photography-Lots of lighting in this cellar --undoubtedly more feminine in fashion. The round conversation area is nice.
Basement remodeling can be stressful, and understandably so. However, the styling facet will provide some fun. Seeing your basement take shape since the flooring is installed along with the walls painted will be exciting and there isn't any feeling like watching it come to life as furniture is set in to place and light fittings are installed.

Best Small Basement Bathrooms Ideas

"Want a basement toilet thoughts?? Most of you are aware that toilet is among the most crucial areas in your property. Isn't it great to rejuvenate your bathrooms in its best way? Well, if you're likely to create your basement bathroom more beautiful and presentable, here's the best thoughts and layouts which you may look ahead."

Traditional Villa Inspired Basement Toilet

Who doesn't adore the magnificent stone bathrooms which are basic for mansions and villas created by means of concrete materials? However, there are quite hefty for master suites of many regular homes. Well, don't worry, since you can always make one in your basement without needing to worry about straining the floors of your home's upper floors. This traditional villa inspired bathroom for your cellar will never be out of fashion. You may love the massive mirror that just adds to its elegant appearance.

Vintage Basement Bathroom Ideas

Among the most perfect ideas which you can use in designing your own bathroom in your home, classic basement toilet idea can be the perfect one to choose. The looks of your toilet can be extremely attractive and incredibly trendy to grab the opinion of the men and women who will see your bathroom. The floor and walls could be very arrange and agreeable to check at together with all the white tiles. You can also add a wooden cupboard for a complete beautiful look of the entire bathroom. With this design, you can guarantee that, your toilet will look very organize and lovely. Its small space can turn into a very spacious one.

Italian Gourmet Toilet Ideas

If you're seeking a completely unique bathroom style, you can never fail with a Italian basement toilet. If you find it hard to choose the ideal colour for your toilet, why don'Can you include all of the Pantone colours at once in a particularly distinctive style. Colorful, four-sided tiles to the walls will surely make an elegant, distinctive impact to your area. The colorful flooring adds to the unique artwork of the bathroom. This is a compact but definitely not a tiny basement toilet that includes all you need for your restroom.

Portland Basement Bathroom Remodeling

One of the most popular bathroom layout is your Portland basement bathroom remodeling. This bathroom idea is best to provide for everyone who wants to make something different for the design of their toilet. With this design ideas, you can always feel really relax and comfortable whenever you use your toilet. The bathroom equipment, basins, bathtub and shower in your bathroom are all amazing and can add beauty to the appearance of the entire basement bathroom. Painted walls, ceiling, and well-constructed floor of your bathroom are also significant to be design well as they could even make the bathroom amazing and may be very eye tricky to anyone.

Spectacular Basement Bathroom Ideas

Another wonderful idea that you can get to perfectly design your toilet is the spectacular basement bathroom idea. Probably, most of you consider the most classic colour when designing your bathroom. Well, if you're looking for the classic one, white is the perfect choice. All white is a very trendy, classic and fashionable style for your bathroom. It's exactly what the spectacular basement toilet thoughts can provide. With this thought, you can attain the ideal appearance that you want for your bathroom, really charming, together with realness, and purity color. The Majority of the bathrooms that are inspired by spectacular basement bathroom thoughts Comprise of cemented walls and white bricks combination

Basement Bathroom Design Ideas

To get a more artistic and stunning design for the bathroom, this notion is your ideal option for anybody. The looks of your bathroom can be very terrific using the white tiles for the floor and walls of the bathroom. The appearance of your bathroom will not only be quite stylish, but it can also be attractive from the eyes. With the white colour of floor and walls, then you can absolutely attain the most attractive appearance of your bathroom. So, what now? When it comes to the perfect design of your bathroom, this is the perfect one to choose. You may definitely receive good compliments for your toilet.
There you have it! You are now ready to spice up your basement bathroom and plan a renovation or remodeling job with these design ideas. It doesn't have to be complex, particularly if you understand what you want and the style that your prefer. Increase the value of your house and create that sense and look you need for your basement toilet.

Best Basement Ideas For Man Cave In 2018

Sewing Room-Make lower ceilings appear higher with customized built-ins that optimize vertical space.

This sewing, craft and gift-wrap station was designed to a nook of a basement laundry room. The programs included built-in closets which provide lots of storage to organize supplies and seasonal items. Straightforward Ikea boxes turn the open shelves into a clean display and white paint keeps it fresh and glowing. The durable slate floor is practical and elevates the decoration.

Playful Home Office - Embrace brick walls instead of drywalling above them.

A red accent wall adds the appearance of depth to this room and feels bold and cheerful in contrast to the basement's simple black and white plot. The gallery wall includes original drawings from designer Theresa Casey and her husband, Robert Gray.

Sleek Basement-Paint walls a dark and striking colour to get a cozy effect.

Stylist Arren Williams' cellar was made to be both functional and beautiful. A contemporary sectional sofa in a charcoal cloth can sit many individuals while two cane ottomans can be utilized as side tables or additional seating. To create the perfect setting for movie night, Williams picked a heavy, full-height velvet curtain to block out any unwanted light.

Hidden Guest Bed

Incorporate a guest mattress into your current design rather than putting up new walls for a separate bedroom. This Murphy bed uses a suspension system that makes it feasible to lift one finger. On each side of this queen-size bed, a market in the wall acts as a side table and can be wired with a reading light. When the bed is folded up, homeowners Barbara and Michael Purdy use the freed-up area for a work out area.

Toilet Vanity Makeover-Give a big-box shop locate a high-end appearance with a coating of paint.

Interior's director Meg Crossley altered her dingy basement bathroom with a cheap washstand that she found at Canadian Tire. She painted it the same powdery light blue color as the panel moulding, which was installed to liven up the little space by covering up the first dark tile. A painted faade for the side of the ugly old tub, at precisely the same shade of blue, spared Meg the cost of installing a new tub. A black framed mirror, flanked with easy black metal and milk glass sconces, adds comparison to each of the blue.